Links to new albums on Spotify

The following compilations are now available to listen to on Spotify
Motion + Time
Seeing The Unseen –

Profiles on Ping for D.O.R. artists

The following D.O.R. artists now have profiles on iTunes Ping
Apollon –
Chemical Plant –
Doppler 20:20 –
Funkturm –
Operation Mind Control –
Spooncurve –

iTunes preview page updated

To discover which releases are available on iTunes without opening iTunes visit Thses links open an iTunes preview page with prices in the U.S. store

Chemical Plant, Doppler 20:20 and Funkturm albums on Spotify

Chemical Plant, Doppler 20:20 and Funkturm albums are now on the Spotify streaming service
Chemical Plant

Chemical Plant “Caveat Emptor”

Chemical Plant “World Is Bankrupt”
Doppler 20:20

Doppler 20:20 “Art Électriqué”

Doppler 20:20 “Klangfarbenmelodie”

Doppler 20:20 “Musica Liquida”

Funkturm “Urban Mantras”

Funkturm “Strata”


Fork – Sure Enough free download

Autoscript, the first full-length recording by sample improvisers Fork will be available through D.O.R early June 2009.
As a taste of things to come, a track from these sessions – Sure Enough – is available for download and listening at your leisure. This track has been withdrawn from the final release because of copyright issues. Although whose copyright is open to debate. No matter – you can get it for yourself here.
To hear more, visit Fork's MySpace page.