A new approach to the blogosphere?

Saw this new blogging concept, relating to commenting, aggregating RSS feeds and building a new online community, all in quite an innovative way. Read about it here – http://fav.or.it/index.php?page=overview – and here – http://fav.or.it/index.php?page=faq
The aim seems very much to make blogs accessible to people like me who don't always get the tech stuff. If you want to take part in the beta, you can sign up here – http://blog.fav.or.it/2007/08/15/favorit-preview-launched/ I wish I knew what they meant by a technorati rating, but hopefully this should be one thing that's less important when they go public

And don't forget the following profiles on MySpace

Also, why not check out the D.O.R. artist profiles on MySpace and join as a friend. These are
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Artist Profiles now on iLike

D.O.R. artist profiles are now on iLike – “a social music discovery service”. You can join at their main site or add the ilke application to your Facebook profile. Become a fan of your favourite D.O.R. artists and get updates as new stuff is added on iLike.