iTunes preview page updated

To discover which releases are available on iTunes without opening iTunes visit Thses links open an iTunes preview page with prices in the U.S. store

And don't forget the following profiles on MySpace

Also, why not check out the D.O.R. artist profiles on MySpace and join as a friend. These are
D.O.R. Label
Auntie Horror Film
Chemical Plant
Doppler 20:20
Green Violonite Club
Tasha Killer Pussies

Artist Profiles now on iLike

D.O.R. artist profiles are now on iLike – “a social music discovery service”. You can join at their main site or add the ilke application to your Facebook profile. Become a fan of your favourite D.O.R. artists and get updates as new stuff is added on iLike.

D.O.R. Music without Borders podcast

Coming soon to iTunes the “Music without Borders” podcast features current and forthcoming releases from Apollon, Doppler 20:20, Funkturm, Green Violonite Club, nomadstation, Spooncurve and Switch.
D.O.R. is about experimentation without restriction of genre, influences include isolationist ambient, urban folk songs, free jazz, hip-hop, organic electronica and shiny-melancholic minimal pop.
Find out more at and