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In collaboration with The Lighthouse we present a two day programme (Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th) of interactive Soundworks, listening post works, sound making software and free Internet access to online sound works and Acoustic Ecology sites

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AudioRom are known for their experimental work exploring and developing interactivity which pushes the boundaries of audience participation. The distinguishing and innovative feature of their work is the equal emphasis on music and visuals within the overall form of the work. Developing interactive multi-media installations and CD-Roms, each project defines a different formal approach to the fusion of visuals and music through the use of various sensory interactive devices and musical styles and samples. Interaction with music uses such forms as typing or game play, equipping the user with hundreds of possible reconstructions while maintaining harmony and rhythm.

Millenium Urban Soundscape Project
A global sonic event The "Millennium Urban Soundscape Project" is designed to form a sonic time-capsule of city life at the end of the Twentieth Century. It is during the last century of this millennium that the greatest growth of urban centers has taken place. For example, if one were to have stood at the main intersection of their city in 1899, the sounds that they would have heard would have been totally different than those that occur today. The sounds of dirt roads and horse hooves have been replaced with the sounds of modern car tires on asphalt.

Recordings consist of raw, unprocessed urban environmental sounds which the recordist has found interesting (sonic sanctuaries to aural blights - street sounds, malls, train stations, subways, zoos, parks, offices, markets etc... outside, inside... wherever).

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