Launch of UK Soundscape Community

Details on the launch to be confirmed

For sometime now there has been a loosely knit group of people in the UK concerned with the Soundscape - the 'soundscapeuk' list has seen some discussion amongst these people. At the Acoustic Ecology conference in Stockholm in 1998, there were discussions about the creation of other affiliated groups to the the World Forum for Acoutic Ecology (WFAE), the UK being one of these. The UK Soundscape Community (UKSC) was formed with a view to focusing on soundscape issues here and, in due course, with being affiliated to the WFAE.

The UK Soundscape Community (UKSC) aims to:
(i) establish itself as a network of individuals and local groups within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who are concerned with the sonic environment (soundscape).

(ii) encourage the formation of smaller, regionally based and community managed soundscape groups through specific public and community projects.

(iii) establish and promote publicly recognised Sites of Sonic Interest or Soundmarks over the UK and Republic of Ireland. (iv) promote research into acoustics within the arts, natural and social sciences, in particular the field of eco-acoustics / acoustic ecology

(v) collate & disseminate UK relevant information regarding all aspects of the soundscape to its members and relevant parties. This will take the form of a regular Newsletter, electronic discussion list (currently soundscapeUK) and a WWW page.

(vi) Help establish and/or support regional soundscape archives within England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

(vii) The UK Soundscape Community seeks to be affiliated to the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) so as to present the concerns and interests of its members at an international level and to support the WFAE in its various capacities.

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