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The D.O.R Motion and Time tour

Saturday 14th August 2004 just before sundown (21.00)

On the multimedia barge "Dirkje Pieternella"
s' Hertogenbosch

See the first live performance of the D.O.R "Motion and Time" tour. Artists appearing are Apeiron, Apollon and nomadstation with visuals by Martin Picton

We will be literally on the Dirkje Pieternella, a hundred year old Dutch barge, as we will be performing on the roof! You should have a good view from the Quayside.

The Dirkje Pieternella is touring the waterways of southern Netherlands during August presenting a range of Visual and Static Art. It arrives in s'-Hertogenbosch the weekend prior to our performance and activities will be occuring throughout the week of the s'-Hertogenbosch Theatre Festival. To find out more, in Dutch, about the Dirkje Pieternella and the planned activities please visit this website