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Bag was established in 1994 by Martin of D.O.R. MC Teabag of Megadog DJ Derrange.

In it's short existence it ensured the first vinyl outings for Chris Liberator, in his DJ guise D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DJ Attitude, DJ Evolution, Gizelle Mizbehaviour, London Tranceport, Tasha Killer Pussies and released the CD albums MC Teabags Herbal Highs and Shake 'N' Vac by Tasha Killer Pussies.

Below is a full list of artists and releases. All of these artists can be heard on the afore-mentioned MC Teabags Herbal Highs compilation.

DJ Evolution
One sided promo 12" single Space Phunq as well as the 12" release Space Phunq/Milkman's Whistle/Milkman's Backside

D.A.V.E. The Drummer
One sided promo12" singles, Ghosts and The Clock.
DJ Attitude
One sided promo12" singles Bleagh/Sands Of Time and Megalon/Martian Summer.
  Gizelle Mizbehaviour
The 12" single Diagnosis - Original/Herbal Remedy/Full Recovery.

Chris Liberator
The12" single Spectrum/Skin Rattle.

Chris Liberator currently runs and records for Stay Up Forever he has
also recorded with . . . . .
Tasha Killer Pussies as C.A.T. with D.A.V.E. The Drummer.