nomadstation began life with Telematic Nomads, who sometimes reside in Glasgow.

Their first recording is featured on Earth:The Elements Series Volume 2. A singular outing appeared on Air: The Elements Series Volume 4.

nomadstation is Robert H. King aided by fellow travellers along the journey. He is a New Media Designer, an occasional writer and curator of 'drift' an ongoing series of sound art events involving live performance, audio visual installations, radio broadcasts and online streaming. The most recent of these being 'Resonant Cities' a series of streaming radio programmes which explore the sonic identity of our surrounding space and that engage with the fragmented 'noise' of the city soundscape: the streets, people and snatches of conversation, traffic, obtrusive music, communication intrusions: mobile phones – radio traffic, city wildlife and the general clutter of everyday life from Glasgow to the Dominican Republic, from Berlin to Mexico City.

These themes are also incorporated in an impending full length nomadstation album. 'Acoustic Alchemy' (the process of turning seemingly'nothing' sounds into something tangible) contains audio memories, pure field recordings and sonic experiments plus remix interpretations by other artists.
He is currently engaged in research for a lost soundmarks web presence and CD release.

nomadstation is featured on the 2002 D.O.R compilation Arsòn.

Acoustic Alchemy ImageAcoustic Alchemy