Drift Large Image
Various Artists
Drift ADOR 991 1998 D.O.R.
Robert H King - Theme For Drift
    Alistair McDonald - Final Times 5:02
    Kaffe Matthews - Skaggerak (3 extracts) 14:05
    John Levack Drever - Sand Ridges 1 5:16
    Chris Stout - Shetland Dawn 9:29
    John Levack Drever - Crabfish 0:51
    Jonty Harrison - Sorties 15:14
    Psychotropic - Peristalsis 9:38
    Greg Wagstaff - Barvas Fank 1:11
    Dallas Simpson - Search and Discovery (extract) 5:27

For three days in November 1999 (12th / 13th / 14th), Glasgow (Scotland) will be the host for drift - an imaginative, vital and accessible programme of sound art & acoustic ecology based performance, workshops, installations, soundwalks & talks.

Drift involves people who are concerned and committed to caring for the quality of the acoustic environment through the perspective of their field or individual situation. People who, if they are creators of sound, are sensitive to the relationship between their own sound production and the acoustic environment. To accompany the event a limited edition (500 copies) 77 minute CD of compositions by the participants will be available from D.O.R.