Lemon Ensemble
Lemon Ensemble
Under The Skin d_script
An album of free-style experimental jazz and free funk combining grooves and licks from accomplished musicians from London and the U.S. Beat poetry, Funk patterns, Brass, Woodwind, male and female vox, percussion and electric/slide guitars make this a melting pot off musical ideas, inspirations and innovations. Inspired by the street/squat culture of underground free style musicians from Hackney and Notting Hill in London, Los Angeles and right down to the Blues of Mississippi.

Jon Martin:- voice
London underground House and Garage vocalist who fronted best selling Norman Cook act Pizzaman for live dates. Now signed to Chocolate Boy as "Mills and Boom".

Bob Derwood Andrews: - guitar, slide guitar
Original member and co-founder of Generation X. Guitarist and songwriter of chart-topping band Westworld, later forming cult act Moondogg with Westworld singer Elizabeth Westwood and producer Martin Lee-Stephenson.

Martin Lee-Stephenson:- producer, writer, bass, recorder, tin whistle, percussion, keyboards.
Multi-instrumentalist who has extensive credits as a musician/producer with Spooncurve, Kuljit Bhamra, Faye Rochelle, Koan, Doppler 20:20, Sundew, Vulse, Blue Water School, Mike Lindup, Randshka Jane, Law and Order, Pigface, Sons Of The Subway, Steffan Hannigan, Nigel Eaton, Muslimgauze, Pearl, Funkturm, Sangeeta, Tasha Killer Pussies, Moondogg . . .

Faye Rochelle
:- voice Faye is currently working on her own acoustic album featuring many great musicians from the folk/world music scene, She has fronted and co-written for Spooncurve as well as singing for a number of other artists.

Darius:- trombone
Session musician and former member of St Petersburg Philharmonic.

Jerry Judd:- drums
West coast drummer established in the country/jazz scene.

Eric Mingus:- voice
Beat Poet and son of the legendary Charlie Mingus.

Swamp Dog:- voice
Cult poet/vocalist from Mississippi

Bon Harris:- bass guitar (no middleground)
Nitzer Ebb bass player

Laurence Steele:- guitar (upstart)
Teen-age guitar blues sensation

Lol Gellor:- brush drum
Also plays with Koan

Kuljit Bhamra:- tabla
One of the world's leading exponents of the tablas and famous Bhangra/World music producer

Rowanna Chown:- little girl voice
Daughter of Bolshoi bass player Nick Chown