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Tasha Killer Pussies
Shake 'n' Vac
5503 BAG 1997 Bag Inc
Hoover Baby
    Desire (feat. Julie) 7:10
    Babewash 7:48
    Bongo Bananas 9:31
    Acid Baby (feat. Val Chalmers) 7:56
    Killa Wipers (feat. Kay Julian Grant) 8:27
    Operatika - The Bongo Bonanaza 6:37
    Perfection 7:54
    In Your Dreams (live drums by Dave The Drummer) 7:47
    Presence 5:16
.. And today the housework will commence with Hoover Baby. This all time classic techno tormentor is complete with super-suction succulence and has been especially formulated to work wonders with your carpet. Your next essential ingredient is Desire - the first rule in housework (even hoovers have their desires!)... Inspire yourself with its mystical techno'd out vocal pleasures, fired along with frantic and scattered beats. Laundry calls... You load up the machine, put the powder into the slot, close the door, and it starts to fill whilst Babewash is unleashed...140 degrees of appliance articulation, driven by a door-driver kik. Experience the full-spin breakdowns and systematic cycle loops... Industrial action complete with babe.

By now you should be fully fluffed and folded, and ready to move on into true house mode. Shake about to Bongo Bananas - uplifting tribal grooves and piano rhythms designated to polish and shine, and then try the The Bongo Bonanza - more bongo madness with a playful string melody. Shoo away those cobwebs with Acid Baby's dinky disco drive and the voluptuous vocals of Val Chalmers - the fluffier the feather duster, the better! And, be sure not to miss out on Perfection's smooth melodic finish formulated to add to the sheen on your furniture.

Time for a break. Time to pop up the shops for some more hoover bags maybe! It's time for Killa Wipers - wipers in alternative mode, slightly different to their usual task of washing your car's windscreen - reverberated and matched with KJ's freestyle vocal energy and a killa riff in this highly original conception. Be sure to curl up on your sofa after the chores with tea and biscuits. Let yourself go...