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Various Artists
Water - The Elements Series Volume 1
ADOR 191 1994 D.O.R.
Multicide - Aqua Caelestis
    Lull - Reflections edit 9:43
    Kazuyuki K Null/James Plotkin - Dead Moon Ritual 5:17
    Chemical Plant - Second Liberation 7:24
    Cable Regime - The Amy Fisher Hour 2:19
    EC Noise Mountain - Crucifix ( Moins de Bruit) 4:11
    Lull - Time 5:12
    Final - Death/Love Dealer 8:06
    Chemical Plant - Slave To Your Greed alt. mix 6:58
    Multicide - Ashy Drifts Of Insect Corpses edit 9:37

This first album, in the elements series of samplers/compilations, combines exclusive tracks with those from the current catalogue at the time of release.

For licensing reasons only a few of these tracks are available on iTunes