UN issue 1

Electric Shock Treatment issue 4

Revue & Corrigée
Chemical Plant
World Is Bankrupt ep ADOR743/3 1992 D.O.R.

CD Single / 12" vinyl single
      Suffer In Silence 3:41
      World Is Bankrupt 3:27
      Teledisc 3:50
      Get The World Outta My Head 5:26
      7.43 5:02
UN issue 1 Paul Toohill
Now here is a band I can label as industrial and not harbour any doubts, and bloody good they are too. C.P. are in fact Ashley Davies, founder member of Headbutt and Richard Gallon, one time member of Headbutt, and on this mini LP they enlist the help of two others. Very ritualistic in their finished product, the music is very rhythmic, a percussive orgy limited only by your imagination. There is a dance potential, but I cannot see C.P. becoming a club hit, alas, we live in a world devoid of justice. To match the excessive passions of the mechanical bombardment, Pinkie Maclure pushes her voice to the limits. The best of the five tracks must be "7.43" which see's C.P. sounding like an industrial Gamelan whilst all the time the screams of a witch (or is it a siren?) play on the strings of your soul. To look forward to are live performances and a new album in '93, which I shall certainly be looking out for.
Electric Shock Treatment issue 4 winter 1992 Brian Duguid
The five-track CD single features the talents of members of Operation Mind Control and Headbutt, plus another Chainsaw Cassettes regular, Pinkie Maclure. I didn't like it at all on the first listen, but I can't think why now. All the tracks deal in one variant or another of desolation, distorted guitar noise mixed with metal percussion and "industrial" noise to startingly good effect. This is true industrial music: none of yer electrobeat or guitar-wank bullshit, just stark sounds for alienated people. Pinkie's narration on Suffer In Silence is as sluggish and blunted as the comatose sleeptalking of Get The World Outta My Head. The clock-work metalbeating, guitar hum and factory-din work really well together: get your prime industrial music here.
Revue & Corrigée no 14 automne 92
Percussions métalliques, électroniques distortionnées, guitare saturée, voix torturéees ... tout est là pour un rock industriel anglais à rapprocher de Savage Republic du début.
Glasnost 36 Dec 92
Auch Namene ohne zweifelhaften Kultstaus bieten bemerkenswerte Musik. Aus dem englischen Underground tut sich die Formation CHEMICAL PLANT hervor: Richard Gallon und Ashley Davies haben sich seit 1987 auf die Arbeit mit Metall Percussion spezialisiert. So bewegen sich ihre Werkstücke zwischen klassischen Industrial Strukturen und ritueller Rhythmik. Unterstützt werden sie von der Sängerin Pinkie Maclure, durch deren Stimme das ganze stark an Sleeping Dogs Wake erinnert, während der Einsatz diverser Metallgegenstände zur Sounderzeugung sich mehr an Einstürzenden Neubauten orientiert.