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Various Artists
Drift ADOR 991 1999 D.O.R.
Robert H King - Theme For Drift
      Alistair McDonald - Final Times 5:02
      Kaffe Matthews - Skaggerak 14:05
      John Levack Drever - Sand Ridges 1 5:16
      Chris Stout - Shetland Dawn 9:29
      John Levack Drever - Crabfish 0:51
      Jonty Harrison - Sorties 15:14
      Psychotropic - Peristalsis 9:38
      Greg Wagstaff - Barvas Fank 1:11
      Dallas Simpson - Search and Discover 5:27
Other Music
It's hard to find a really good collection of soundscape 'music'. Listening to someone's recordings of the space they're in is usually far less interesting than being in those spaces yourself: the reproduction is somehow false, a cardboard cutout of something 3-D and real.This compilation, however, dispels that. Presenting a set of lively, imaginary quick journeys: a fast-moving 'view' of (possibly) the entire London Underground in 5 minutes; a milky, murky alternate street universe processed beyond belief; and layered lappings of waves and birds on a lake. Jonty Harrison's clever 'Sorties' is a series of passages through (and, ostensibly, out of) rooms, where the recording emerges, over and over, still in interior soundspaces, albeit ones resonating with trucks and other unexpected motifs.Morphogenesis provide a set of kitchen/ electronics, and Gregg Wagstaff's wonderful warm recording of a sheep shearing, irregular, sinister clicking of the shears underlining choruses of bleats of all kinds and the blithe, banal comments of the workers. This collection challenges electronics and ambient music for their unspoken escapism, the threads that connect this project to the real world of sound are fine and strong; even better, it's an engaging listen that never bores. [RE]
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