Outburn 16
God's Wallop ADOR 881 2001 D.O.R.
Power Trip
      Blood Is On Our Hands 4:09
      Catch My Love 3:30
      That Chill 4:46
      I'm Still Bleeding 3:41
      Nothing's Sacred 3:21
      For God's Sake 4:13
      Been Here Before 3:26
      Up To The Sky 3:36
      Loaded Gun 4:10
      Righteous Life 3:49
      American Horse 6:10
Outburn 16 Stacy Meyn
TRIP-HOP, BREAKBEAT PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE AND UNIVERSE: Moondogg are Derwood Andrews ( a founding member of Geneartion X) and Elizabeth Rose Westwood. As Westworld, the duo scored the chart-topper "Sonic Boom Boy". Now Moondogg, they are accompanied by producer Martin Lee Stephenson and special guest drum loop specialist Rat Scabies (The Damned). God's Wallop continues the vein of misery established by the acclaimed debut Fat Lot of Good. Sedona-tinged slide guitar (Andrews has resided in Arizona for years) slithers under Westwood's brittle vocals, littered with the urban speed beats of London and Los Angeles, provided by Stephenson. They practice catharsis through sound, each track jumping between admonishment and plea. Opener "Power Trip" is practically an instrumental with the almost Native American style chant of "I had to let you go". "Blood is on our Hands" could be from an even more tightly wound Portishead if they were brandishing jittery guitars. "Catch My Love" leaps swiftly into breakbeat paces and sneering vox. Follow with titles like "That Chill", "I'm Still Bleeding" and "Nothing's Sacred" and you get the blunt idea. The wicked beats and words of "Loaded Gun" are a half step away from a gonna-off-myself country classic. Alternately, "Righteous Life" is downright cheery - then "American Horse" blitzes on in and out, leaving one wondering what's really bugging Moondogg.