Phosphor, Nov 93

Opscene, June 94
Total playing time: 73.21
Pathogenesis ADOR 919 1993 D.O.R.
Zero Element
      Pathogenesis 12:07
      Ashy Drifts Of Insect Corpses 18:54
      Bad Blood 9:56
      Punishing The Atoms 9:50
      5-HT 15:18
Phosphor, November 1993
Multicide is John Everall. He is helped by M.J.Harris and Paul Neville on this CD and together they have painted a portrait of Lull, Scorn, Cable Regime and ex-Hole. Only with titletrack Paul Neville's guitar resembles this collage. The remaining five songs are quiet repetitive soundscapes (about six to eighteen minutes long) in which the beat will submit to domination sooner or later. 'Bad Blood' attracts the most attention due to it's heavy noise. Some songs last a bit too long; after five minutes the tension disappears.
Opscene, June 1994 Gutter Heijting
John Everall tapt met Multicide uit hetzelfde vat, maar Pathogenesis is ein stuk minder etherisch. Hier verdichten aardse klanken zich soms nog tot een landerige beat. Sla de tien minuten heftig industrriegeknars van Bad Blood maar over. De overige nummers, waaraan ook Scorns sample-man Mick Harris en gitarist Paul Neville meewerken, weten een lekker somber sfeertje op te roepen, vooral het sonore Punishing The Atoms.
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