The Wire 249
Sentimental Sickness ADOR 4327 2004 D.O.R.

Syphilitic Malaise

      Celestial Sickness
      Bastrad Gigantes Axis
      Dolabriform Romance
      Lovesick Pessimistic
      IIcicle Sewer
      Agora 5.35 a.m.

The Wire 249 - November 2004 (Edwin Pouncey)
Made up of Ashley Davies and Jimi Papatzanataes (both have connections with turntablist group Project Dark) and Apostoles Tsopelas (who makes his recording debut here), Apeiron's aim is to produce "a music that is not anchored in sentimentality".

Using a 2600 series ARP synthesizer as their initial source, the trio then mix in a variety of ideas and musical concepts studiously attempting to avoid the pitfalls of nostalgia. That said, like Project Dark, Apeiron have an anarchic sense of fun firmly embedded in the heart of their art, which surfaces unexpectedly to let loose an electronic volley of Xenakis patische, Jean-Jacques Perrey influenced synthpop and The Residents' doorbell chime.