FAQT, May 2000
total running time 66:42
Year Zero ADOR 2351 2000 D.O.R.
Lips Of Her Mentor And Henna Adorner
      Ornaments Inside Youssefs Souvenir Lock-Up 3:45
      Jerez Innermost Brothel 5:58
      Tangier Box 8:40
      Camel Turning The Well Wheel 2:38
      Let Hassan Dab You 3:48
      Cafe Saf Saf Orange 4:09
      American Flag In Gaza 6:24
      Urdu An Arabik 3:15
      Souk Of Perfume Cellers 3:25
      Marrakesh Flyswot 2:27
      No Words From Taslima Nasreen 1:52
      Khost Travel Document 7:36
      Dar Ben Abdallah Merchant 2:44
      Harrakat-Ul-Ansar, Speak For Us 4:10
Ink19 (Nirav Soni)
For those of you who do not know, Bryn Jones of Muslimguaze passes away on January of last year (1999) Since then, various have been ceaselessly releasing the massive pile of completed tapes he had. "Year Zero" is a rare collaboration, one that has appeared before on the "Dark Thoughts" release. Jones was extraordinarily prolific, Muslimguaze released 114 cds, 25 of which were put out after his death, which included a 9cd box. I haven't heard Apollon, so I can't comment on their prior work, but this release is strongly in the vein of the other Muslimguaze work. All of the tracks feature beats, many quick and restless, some slow and plodding and, some jagged and distorted and others clean. The textures that underlie the beats carry a very dark and Middle Eastern feel. Cut up instrumentals burst out of nowhere into the forefront of the tracks. Squelchy synths bleed all over the rougher beats, dripping viscera everywhere. The second half of the disc is far more distorted than the first, featuring even heavier beat experimentalism. "Year Zero" is another fine Muslimguaze release, a valuable addition to his oeuvre and a great listen.
FAQT, May 2003 Maveriq
This is Muslimgauze's second collaboration with Apollon, his final recorded work before an untimely and a weird release given Bryn Jones' involvement. It's like two EPs stitched together back to back. The first half of it sounds like nothing I've heard from of Muselcakes, which doesn't mean much as I probably haven't heard half his work. But I'n guessing Apollon had a strong influence on what I'll call Act One, which is based heavily on cut up jungle rhythms that are a little more traditional than I expected. Parts of Act One remind me of the Mick Harns/Neil Harvey release of two years ago a sort of isolationist d&b.Suddenly, on track 8 "year Zero" shifts gears - Welcome to Act Two. Act Two is pretty much like the Muslimgauze that I know Middleeastern tribal rhythms, mild to heavy distortion, lock groove, white noise all blissfully repetitious with the occassional hiccup to snap you out of your trance. The worthwhile Act Two is not only dranatically darker than Act One, but probably the only part of the album that fans of the late Mr Jones will warm up to. Of course that's better than nothing.